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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Then you’ve come to the right place! Below, our own Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Hua have provided answers to some of the most common questions we receive every day. If you would like to ask something that our dentists haven’t covered here, please feel free to give us a call anytime. Our team is always happy to talk to you and make sure you completely understand your dental options.

How often should I visit the dentist?

The average healthy person should see a dentist for a checkup and cleaning at least twice a year, or once every six months. These appointments, along with a consistent oral hygiene routine at home, are the most conservative and effective way to avoid small dental problems (and therefore larger ones) over time.

Will you see my child?

Yes! Eco Dental is always happy to serve Pearland’s most precious smiles. We have a very kid-friendly staff and a number of services that are ideally suited for growing smiles. Whether you have a toddler, teenager, or something in between, your child always has a place at Eco Dental.

How should I replace my missing teeth?

For most patients, we would highly recommend dental implants. Compared to any other tooth replacement, they offer the most natural-looking, reliable, and durable solution available today. They can be used to replace any number of teeth, and with basic care, they can easily last for 30 years or more, making them a very wise investment.

Can you fix my crooked/crowded teeth?

Yes, and we won’t even need traditional metal braces to do it! With Invisalign, we can give you the straighter smile you’ve always wanted without altering your daily appearance in the process. Invisalign is practically invisible, but extremely effective, and it has already been used by millions of satisfied patients around the world.

I don’t like how my smile looks. What can you do for me?

Quite a bit, actually! We have an entire selection of cosmetic services that are specifically designed to eliminate smile flaws and help patients achieve their dream look. Whether you want whiter teeth, straighter teeth, or to get rid of noticeable chips and stains, we can make it happen in just one or two easy appointments.

Will you accept my insurance?

Eco Dental Pearland is an in-network provider with Aetna, and we also accept all PPO dental insurance plans in addition to Medicaid and CHIP. To learn how we can use your particular dental plan to help you save, contact us today.