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Gum Disease Therapy – Pearland, TX

Healthy Gums = Healthy Smile

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The health of your gums is just as important as your teeth, which is why we will always examine them during your regular dental checkups. The mouth and gums are considered the gateway to the body, so their condition is often directly tied to a person’s overall health as well. Should you ever develop gum disease (also known as periodontal disease), we have a variety of ways we can treat it. We can perform a deep cleaning using two procedures called scaling and root planing, and we can also use our precise soft tissue laser. In any case, just like with your teeth, we’ll make sure we’re doing everything we can to preserve your health.

Scaling & Root Planing

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These procedures are sometimes collectively called a “deep cleaning,” and they can be thought of as a dental cleaning that is specifically focused on your gums and the roots of the teeth.

First, a member of our team will use an ultrasonic cleaner to remove any plaque and tartar buildup located around your gums (scaling), and then the rough surfaces of your teeth’s roots will be gently smoothed out. Why? Because this makes plaque and bacteria less likely to gather on them in the future, lowering your risk of reinfection.

Depending on the extent of your infection, a complete scaling and root planing treatment can take anywhere from one to four visits to complete. During these appointments, you’ll be lightly numbed to ensure you remain comfortable the entire time. Afterward, you’ll likely be given an anti-bacterial mouthwash to use at home, which will prevent the infection from coming back.

Soft Tissue Laser

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For more advanced cases of gum disease, our soft tissue laser can be used to provide a quick and easy solution. This instrument generates an extremely concentrated beam of light that can be used to eliminate hidden bacteria along the gum line and even remove infected tissue. It’s so precise that it can accomplish both of these tasks without affecting the surrounding healthy gums, which helps cut down on post treatment bleeding, swelling and discomfort.

Antibiotic Therapy

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After an initial periodontal cleaning, our team may choose to apply a topical antibiotic in order to kill any bacteria that is still hidden deep below the gum line. Arestin, which looks like a powder, is actually made up of thousands of tiny microspheres, each one filled with a powerful antimicrobial agent. It will quickly dry after it is applied to the gums and slowly dissolve over the next few days, enabling the medicine to reach any leftover bacteria.